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Update for OurDelta 9.04 Jaunty builds of MySQL

We had to apply a weird tweak as the default Ubuntu Jaunty packages are named something like 5.1.30really-5.0.xx. Several people have filed bugs on it with Ubuntu on Launchpad.

What I suspect happened (unconfirmed!) is that Canonical was contemplating putting 5.1 into Jaunty, had it in a beta but went back to 5.0  before release. Since downgrading by version number is a manual process in apt-get, the above hack allows a downgrade that looks like an upgrade…

Our original Jaunty build worked fine if you were starting from scratch, however an upgrade from the default MySQL on Jaunty would not work. Peter has built 5.1.30really-5.0.77-d8-ourdelta, which upgrades happily from the default Jaunty install or any other earlier install (such as from Intrepid). If you upgrade from an earlier Ubuntu version, do make sure you fix up your /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ourdelta.list with the release name jaunty. Easy as. Then run apt-get update then apt-get upgrade.

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OurDelta 5.0.77-d8 builds for Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty

OurDelta builds of MySQL 5.0.77-d8 for Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty) builds are done, thanks to some smart and fast work by Peter. The packages are getting copied to the main site right now, and the mirrors should be up-to date within half a day or so.

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