Launchpad, IRC, new patches

The setup on Launchpad is better organised (Launchpad rocks!), and we already have the first feedback in the form of bugreports – mainly on the packaging and repo information. That’s excellent! Thanks Vladimir Cherednichenko, Steve Walsh, and Peter Lieverdink! Peter actually deserves a special mention as he has put in a lot of work on the debian packaging.

Also, because sometimes instant banter is useful, there’s now a #ourdelta channel on Freenode. Naturally, real discussion should just happen on the ourdelta-developers team and list. It’s really easy to join.

Antony Curtis did just that (join) and already put one of his many patches in: this one fixes issues which occur while a thread is running ::open() or ::create() on any storage engine. Typically the LOCK_open mutex is held and it could block other threads from doing work. While it needs some work, it might be a worthwhile modification. Mutex contention is an important issue for scaling, and this one is at a fairly high level.

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