MariaDB 5.1 packages for Debian and Ubuntu

You can now apt-get your way to MariaDB 5.1, courtesy of OurDelta and in close cooperation with Monty Program Ab. To get started, simple follow the info on the Debian and Ubuntu pages.

Quick overview

  • For MariaDB we use different repository directories to ensure that you can’t accidentally upgrade or revert major versions without you explicitly choosing to do so.
  • At this point we have Ubuntu Hardy, Intrepid, Jaunty and Karmic for you, as well as Debian 4 (Lenny). Etch (Debian 4) is waiting on a small fix (thanks to Antony Curtis for helping with that).
  • The package names start with mariadb*, except for mysql-common which has a hard dependency elsewhere in the Debian/Ubuntu environment.
  • The binaries and directories are generally called mysql* although there are some Maria engine command line tools as well.
  • Apart from possible build glitches and bugs, this is a drop-in replacement for stock MySQL 5.1
  • If you are upgrading from 5.0, please review the upgrade information first before diving in.
  • The packages take care of backward compatibility with the older .so.15 client library (5.1 has .so.16)
  • MariaDB includes these new/replacement storage engines: XtraDB (the enhanced InnoDB plugin, by Percona) and PBXT (by Primebase Technologies).
  • Monty has merged/rewritten the microslow patch, so (most of) the detail/filtering you’ve become used to from the 5.0 OurDelta builds are there. All the Percona InnoDB patches are of course in the XtraDB plugin.
  • For Debian/Ubuntu, you will find a nice baseline my.cnf that, among other sane settings, defaults to InnoDB and strict mode by default – just like the Windows config wizard has done for a few years already.
  • The GRAPH computation engine didn’t quite make this build, but if you’d like us to build the plugin library for you for any of these distros/architectures, just ask. For DIY, you can just grab the exact source tarball we used to build the MariaDB packages, compile the plugin against it from the launchpad repo and copy the .so library to the plugin directory. Instructions are in the docs and the engine/INSTALL file.

Lots more to tell, but that would make it not be a quick overview 😉

Please enjoy, and if you encounter any problems, file bugs with OurDelta or MariaDB. Don’t worry about picking the right project, if you get it wrong Launchpad lets us toss it across, and some bugs actually require fixes on both ends so they get attached to both!

If you’d like to keep up to date about MariaDB developments, there is a Planet MariaDB. If you create a feed relevant for MariaDB, you can submit it through the site.

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4 Responses to “MariaDB 5.1 packages for Debian and Ubuntu”

  1. Tony Marston Says:

    What about a version for Windows? I, like many others, use MS Windows for all my development and testing, and only install on unix/linux for production sites. If I can’t play with it on Windows then I can’t use it.

  2. Team Murder » Get While The Getting Is Good Says:

    […] really super duper good news is that the devs have organized a Debian and Ubuntu repository for packaged versions so taking MariaDB for a spin is a much simpler process than I first imagined. I’m hoping to […]

  3. neuromancer Says:

    Use a virtual machine with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and in 30 minutes you are up, running and happy.

  4. Flávio Coelho Says:

    Can I install these packages as a drop-in replacement for mysql 5.1? I noticed that intalling Mariadb on ubuntu asks for the removal of MySQL 5.1…