Security Notice
While the information on this site currently remains available for reference purposes, you are strongly recommended to use at least the latest MariaDB release in your series. You can download packages and set up repos from For more information see the summary post MariaDB Security Updates or ask Open Query.

For MySQL 5.0 we do two builds, ourdelta (standard) and ourdelta-sail (bleeding edge) where the latter contains newer patches that may not (yet) be stable. The dN indicator (e.g., d7) shows from which patchset build the feature is included. For MariaDB 5.1, there’s only an ourdelta build, Monty intends 5.2 to be the more bleeding edge tree.

If you see a certain patch not yet available for a version of MySQL, that means you have an opportunity to contribute: you port it, we build it! See the OurDelta project on Launchpad, where you can also find the individual patches and other support files we use. Everything we do is all open and public. You can join the OurDelta-developers team which also has a mailing list, and bug tracking.

We provide proper repositories so you can simply add us to your favourite package manager! If you need to build from source (for instance, for a platform we don’t handle), we also provide source tarballs incorporating our patches (we generate this once per build and feed it into the build systems), and generic binary tarballs for Linux. The repositories also contain source packages wrapped in the format appropriate for each distro.

Patch/Plugin MySQL 5.0 MariaDB 5.1 MariaDB 5.2
Allow redirect output of error.log to syslog-ng d6 Debian, Ubuntu
Extended statistics in slow.log d6 MariaDB 5.1.38
Extended InnoDB statistics in slow.log d6 coming
Mirrored Binlog d7-d8
Fast Master Promotion d7
InnoDB Freeze d7-d8
Milliseconds in PROCESSLIST (bugs) MariaDB 5.1.38
Add locks held, remove locked records in SHOW INNODB STATUS d6 in XtraDB
show innodb buffer pool content d6 in XtraDB
InnoDB control insert buffer and flushing d6-Sail,d9 in XtraDB
InnoDB control count of IO threads d6-Sail,d9 in XtraDB
InnoDB fix buffer pool scalability d6-Sail,d9 in XtraDB
Fix of InnoDB r/w locks d7-Sail,d9 in XtraDB
Adaptive flush of InnoDB buffer pool d7-Sail,d9 in XtraDB
3rd party storage engines
XtraDB (enhanced InnoDB) storage engine plug-in MariaDB 5.1.38
Sphinx storage engine d6
PBXT storage engine MariaDB 5.1.38
FederatedX storage engine MariaDB 5.1.39
OQGRAPH computation engine d10-Sail MariaDB 5.1.42

Build engineering and infrastructure by Open Query,  excellent collaboration with Monty Program Ab, plus numerous useful contributions by Percona, Proven Scaling, PrimeBase Technologies, Sphinx Technologies, Mark Callaghan, Google, and others. Thanks everybody!

8 Responses to “Patches/Sources”

  1. Handrus Nogueira Says:

    Hi! First of all congratulations to your great work!
    Is there any chance to include in your packages the Regular Expressions UDF for mysql? ( adds functions for update data with regexp.
    it would be really helpful for me, and possible for most people here as well.

  2. LD Says:

    With MySQL 5.4 released and Mark Callaghan’s latest IO patches, is there going to be a new d9 build soon?

  3. Twirrim Says:

    MySQL 5.4 is very much in Beta, I wouldn’t advise using it in production environments yet. No point wasting time patching it to d9 until it’s stable and worth it.

  4. arjen Says:

    LD, For 5.1 we build MariaDB + XtraDB, so it already has a number of IO patches. Some are different from Mark’s.

  5. arjen Says:

    Handrus, thanks!
    Include UDFs… that’s a great idea – just like engines (even with 5.1 plugins) it’s just a hassle to have to compile them yourself. Would you care to help with this?

  6. Antony Says:

    I think it should be possible to make use of the build system in 5.1 to build UDFs by simply declaring it as aa dynamic-only plugin to be built. That would mean that no major surgery of the build framework is required.

  7. Wojtek Says:

    How about ‘SHOW USER STATISTICS’ for MariaDB5.1?
    Does it simply stay in the queue, or are there any fundamental difficulties which make it hard?

    We would like to upgrade from MySQL 5.0 to MariaDB 5.1
    but we relay heavily on SHOW USER_STATISTICS -> CPU_time for performance/abuse monitoring on our webhosting platform.


  8. Quora Says:

    What’s the best Graph Database to use with PHP + MySQL?…

    It depends what you mean by best – Neo4j is very good, but if you want something easier to use then the sail builds of MySQL from Ourdelta ( include the open source version of OQGRAPH (