Release 5.0.67.d6

With the build system, repos, patches and launchpad sorted, we can release! First up is a build of 5.0.67, using patchrev d6, for i386/x86_64. This is basically Percona patchset 5 with a few fixes plus the Sphinx storage engine. It even passes the testsuite ūüėČ

Other useful links:

Now, this being a first release into the wild, there are bound to be some glitches. Most likely in the packaging (and the repo instructions) but possibly also in the builds themselves. Trust comes over time, right?¬†That’s ok, you can help! Simply report any issue using the above bugs link! And please do report success¬†also, although that’s done best through the mailing list or a blog.

In case you’re wondering,¬†5.1 and beyond are also coming, with more interesting goodies! And you can help! Your first step is to join the mailing list.

A big thanks to everybody involved so far, this was a great team effort! (see the about page for a non-exhaustive list)

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