This Week in OurDelta – Vol 3

This week saw the release of OurDelta patchset d7 build of MySQL 5.0.67, basically a cleaned-up update of the earlier (and first) OurDelta d6 build. The number of downloads/fetches within the first few hours surpassed the total number from the previous weeks.

Downloads and yum/apt-get repository fetches now always go via one of our mirrors, as obviously the main server can’t possibly handle all that attention! By default you just get sent to “somewhere on the planet”, although you can tweak your repo setup to only use specific mirrors. If you want to become a mirror for OurDelta, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to add you in; the more the merrier!

Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid is now also supported. We welcome input on which additional platforms are desirable.

There was a podcast, where interviewer James Purser came up with an good description of what OurDelta is: “a new distro for MySQL”.

Lead of the Drizzle project Brian Aker (Sun Microsystems), briefly hopped through Arjen’s home town of Brisbane Australia, and they had a chat about where and how we can work together on stuff.

OurDelta development in the coming weeks will focus on 5.1. If you would like to get involved with this particular effort, join the ourdelta-developers group on Launchpad, and check out the recent mailing list archive. There’s more to it than just code; but getting started there is not as hard as it seems, and there’s plenty of helpful hands about!

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