This Week in OurDelta – Vol 5

While hard at work, it’s important to be visible so people don’t wonder if there’s anything happening… the open source development model is extremely good for this, things are just public all the time. Some may find this a source of stress or potential embarassment, but I think it’s great and overall makes for better quality code, products, and a nicer work environment.

To see what’s going on with OurDelta right now, we need to take a peek at where the Percona developers have been busy putting in lots of changes in both the 5.0.67 tree  (mainly little improvements and fixes to existing patches) as well as working on the 5.1 ports of the 5.0 patches. Launchpad lets you subscribe to a particular branch, so you get notified when there’s a new commit, and see the changeset comment. That’s a very handy way to keep up to date.

For OurDelta, the first 5.1 release will very simply be when we have all the 5.0 patches working in 5.1; it’s taking a bit of time and of course it would be great if it took less time, but I think we can all agree that it’s the right thing to do. Or if you feel different, please do speak up!

For 5.0, there’s always little fixes as well as some new patches… so how often to do a build? Right now I think once every two months is decent. Again, if you feel different, please let us know! Simply join the list and put in your thoughts. Community participation (which I believe is the multilateral form of ‘contribution’) is really that simple. Thanks!

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