Updating your repo info if you started with OurDelta d6

If you start with the d6 build, you probably have ourdelta.org in your repo files rather than mirror.ourdelta.org. Since we moved to using download mirrors, you need to update your repo config files. There are redirects in place for download users, but yum/apt-get generally don’t like redirects. For details on what your config should now look like, just take a peek at the information for each distro we currently support:

Once you’ve fixed this up, updates should be painless in the future (i.e., updating to the current d7 build -recommended! and beyond). The RHEL/CentOS system in particular is flexible, since we the release RPM set up default to using an online list of mirror sources. But again, you can of course edit all of this to your liking.

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