MySQL 5.0.8

MySQL 5.0.87-d10 OurDelta builds are now available (32 and 64-bit):
Debian: Etch (4), Lenny (5)
Ubuntu: Hardy (8.04), Intrepid (8.10), Jaunty (9.04), Karmic (9.10)
RHEL/CentOS: 4, 5

Binary tarballs: generic Linux, built on Ubuntu Hardy
Apart from the 5.0.87 upstream fixes there were a few minor fixes in the build environment, and one updated Percona patch. The -sail builds now include the OQGRAPH engine.

Source packages are with the respective distro repos, and there are base source tarballs – we apply our patchset only once, so the build on all platforms works from exactly the same baseline.

If you have any questions, requests, comments, or find a bug, please see the OurDelta contact page for the appropriate link.

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